Disruption, your catalyst for disruptive thinking.

Massive and constant disruption in markets, industries, and technology should be the key catalyst for both organizations and every individual, at every level in those organizations, to think disruptively about what they do, how they do what they do, and what possibilities exist for doing things differently.  No industry or organization is immune from disruption in the world today. Take look at the taxi and hotel/accommodations industries and how disruptive models are impacting their very existence.  Look at how people are consuming their media today versus even 5-10 years ago and how traditional brick and mortar retailers are fighting to stay relevant and viable in an industry of massive disruption.

To ensure personal and organizational competitiveness, relevancy, and to thrive not just survive in this environment of hyper change and constant disruption, every individual in an organization, from the most senior to the most junior level, must think disruptively (not act disruptively) on what they do and how they do what they do. 

Find possibilities for positive disruption, challenge the status quo where it exists, act with urgency and purpose to make change happen, and most importantly, never stop thinking disruptively. The moment you do, the possibility of being disrupted becomes an every greater reality.


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