Old Versus New - Which model are you?

The management model that has existed and thrived since the industrial age is rapidly evolving and shifting.  In an era that lacked meaningful technology and real time information, managers had to plan, direct, control, and manage both people and processes to get work accomplished.  Telling people what to do and how to do it was required and accepted for decades. Generations of leaders were trained and molded using this management model.

Fast forward to today and how work is organized and results are accomplished.  No one wants or needs to be managed and the process of planning from the past takes too long and often the resulting plan is obsolete before it is even finalized.  And very few, if any, people today want their time and efforts controlled and directed by someone else.

So have you and your organization made the shift from the old, ineffective management model to the new leadership model of inspiring, energizing, facilitating, and developing?   In fact, rather than extensive time and efforts expended on management planning, do you inspire a purpose that leads to results through others? Think about it, Martin Luther King didn’t have a “I Have a Plan” speech, he delivered a “I Have a Dream” speech.  In the future, it is not about having a detailed plan, it is all about having and connecting others to a purpose.  Inspire results with a purpose.

Do you and other formal leaders create individual and team energy instead of assigning directive tasks?  Have you developed a “lead where you are” culture where employee-led initiatives tackle the toughest issues and create the greatest opportunities?  Don’t direct people, create energy by empowering, guiding, and recognizing?

People and their work product are not assets to be controlled as in the past. The successful leaders of the future facilitate and cultivate trusted, authentic relationships where active listening takes place versus orders given.  Where change is not managed or controlled but environments and competencies are developed to proactively lead change and positive disruption is encouraged.  Where creativity and innovation is more valued than management reports.

And finally, since no one wants to be managed, the critical leader shift from managing people to developing, coaching, and mentoring the leader in everyone is the foundation for success.  People need clarity, alignment, and a clear sense of ownership leading to enhanced accountability.   Stop managing people and make the shift to developing people.

The old versus new model, where are you?

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