The LeaderShifts

There is a shift going on with leadership today.  In fact there are two shifts underway; both are evolutionary and require time and support to cultivate.  In the first shift occurring, everyone must develop as a leader and lead where they are no matter where they reside in the organization.  Leadership can’t be limited to a select few in organizations any longer.  With intense competition, true globalization, and the rapid advances in disruptive technologies, waiting for formal leaders to build a plan, make hierarchical decisions, and manage people and outcomes is a business model that time and competition is rapidly passing by.

Every individual in the organization must take a leadership role in planning, executing, and owning their performance activities and results.  Everyone should be trained and expected to lead change instead of reactively managing it. They should see possibilities for change and positive disruption in everything, instead of obstacles and barriers. And finally they should take a leadership role in displaying personal and team accountability even on teams and in organizations that seem to always lack accountability.  So LeaderShift one – Everyone developing as a leader.

The second Leadershift is in the management model for leading those people. To lead a team of individual leaders requires new leadership skills and behaviors to be effective. The old management model that has been around prior to WWII of planning, directing, controlling and managing is quickly losing its impact. For instance, no one wants to be managed any longer, just ask them. The most effective leaders of people in the future will be making the shift to leading by inspiring, energizing, facilitating, and developing the leader in everyone.

There are major shifts occurring in leadership whether we like it or not. Are you and your organization planning for and developing the leader in everyone and enhancing the effectiveness of your organizations leadership to take advantage of these powerful LeaderShifts?  If not start today!

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