We Are Losing the Art of Developing Relationships! (Part Three)

re·la·tion·ship (noun)

The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.


Who do you really know?  


Who do you really trust?  


Who can you truly count on?

Those you really know, trust, and can count on are most likely your authentic relationships.  In the final part of this relationship series we will explore the developing and cultivating of these critically important authentic relationships. Authenticity is becoming increasingly difficult to develop and even more difficult to sustain.

Actually, even coming up with a definition for an authentic relationship is difficult and any stock dictionary definition just doesn’t capture it fully. So, let’s attempt to define it by behaviors associated with authenticity and an authentic relationship. (You know it when you see it or experience it).


You know the relationship is most likely authentic when:

  • Trust is established and continually shown
  • Mutual success is defined and aligned
  • You can count on that person no matter what the circumstance might be
  • You hear and say, “How can I help?” a lot
  • You get out of your daily world and into to theirs for a deeper understanding and connection
  • Relationship and outcomes are equally important


The Strengths of Authentic Relationships

  • They stand the test of time and adversity
  • There is enhanced accountability by all parties
  • They eliminate blame, justification, and excuses

The Possible Pitfalls of Authentic Relationships

  • Ongoing time must be invested in developing and cultivating or else authentic will migrate to transactional
  • Must assess if the targeted relationship and impact of that relationship warrants the significant time required to develop

Unfortunately, as we have outlined in this series of Leading Relationships, we are losing the art of developing meaningful relationships. We often let technology, social media, or others in our sphere of influence try to develop our relationships and connections for us. Don’t fall into that trap of mistaking communication for connecting, it is very different. Also, not all relationships are created equally, so understanding the definition of each type of relationship, its strengths and pitfalls will assist you when, where, and why you invest your very valuable relationship building and cultivation time.

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