Lead Your Own Performance

During the last 4 weeks we have explored the opportunity to step up and stand out by leading your personal performance. In week one we established the key elements of performance success as clarity, alignment, and accountability. In fact, are you clear on what performance success is for you? Are you aligned with others on how and what is required to achieve that success?

In week two we provided a blueprint for success that can be used to guide your performance activities and success. Review your key awareness opportunities (organizational, situational, and self).  Do you have developmental plans and actions to enhance your collective awareness? In addition, we provided key developmental focus areas such as eligibility, suitability and viability where you can set personal commitments and establish key expectations on progress and desired impact for each development area.

And finally connect regularly with your manager, coach, and mentor on your commitments, expectations and the impact. It is these regular and ongoing quick 15-20-minute performance connections that ensure accountability and progress. Never forget, it is your performance and your career, now is the time to lead your performance starting today, right where you are!

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Cornerstone Learning is a performance and leadership consulting organization that has worked with clients all over the world. Our focus is working with individuals and organizations to create performance solutions that deliver top-tier results by inspiring, enabling, and developing employee-led, leader supported, and organization enabled performance. We are able to successfully deliver this through multiple products and services such as employee surveysonline training, performance assessments, and performance coaching. The goal at Cornerstone Learning is to assist our clients in developing a dynamic and customized blue print to deliver role model organizational and personal performance.