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Cornerstone Leadership Online Training

Cost and time effective online training designed for especially for new leaders, existing leaders with limited leadership training, or for high potential development.

Our first leadership training course, Monday Morning Leadership Interactive, is based on the bestselling book Monday Morning Leadership.

Participants will:

·       Understand the differences and importance in Leading, Managing and Coaching.

·       Establish a clear “main thing” focus

·       Cultivate a culture in their organization of “no matter what” accountability

·       Develop coaching plans for each member of their team

·       Provide ongoing and meaningful motivation and recognition to their team

·       Create a leadership plan that will guide their personal development for the next year and beyond

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Leadership training 24/7 for the introductory price of $59.99.  This price won’t last much longer, so sign up today!

For more information contact us at customercare@cornerstonelearning.com.