Employee-Led Goal Setting: Accountability

In our final Goal Setting blog our focus turns to Accountability.  Establishing clarity, alignment, and now accountability are the primary reasons any individual or organization should set goals.  Goals, even if they are clear and completely aligned in the organization are nothing more than a “wish list” if accountability is not established.

When working with coaching clients we use a 4 A model to accountability that moves the goals from well-intentioned to completed.  The 4 A’s of Accept, Act, Adjust, and Achieve will give you the framework for goal success.

Accept – Accept that you are accountable for delivering on your goals and the milestones created “no matter what”.  Circumstances are going to happen (some even beyond your control) on the road to goal completion, however, once you accept accountability no matter what you will persevere through the obstacles and barriers to find your way to success.

Act – Turn your goals into action. Don’t wait to start and every day chart your progress. This is your personal measure of accountability. Keep your actions and reactions consistent and positive while giving deserving credit to others along the way.

Adjust – We must adjust along the way to goal success! While you don’t have control over all circumstances, you do have control over your reactions and your go forward responses.  Be willing to adjust your plans, attitudes, even your perspective and thinking as circumstances dictate. Be persistent but flexible at the same time.

Achieve – Achieve one action, one milestone, one project, one goal at a time.  Continually update others as you make progress. This enhances both clarity and alignment.  Establish a personal record of success; accountability breeds success.

Now with your goals clear and aligned, with accountability established, if you stay focused on your plan, a firm foundation for 2017 success is set. Now go and make this year the best you have ever had.  Wishing you the best in the holiday season and great success in 2017!

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