Reimagining the Performance Model pt. 3

Leader Support

Stop Managing People – The leadership model for performance is evolving, are you?

Ask anyone if they want to be managed and watch their response.  No one wants to be managed.  The old management model that has survived since pre-World War ll of planning, directing, controlling, and managing people and activities is evolving.

As we shift performance management to a more effective and engaging employee-led performance model, leaders with people responsibility must shift and evolve their leadership style and develop competencies to better support, guide and develop the leader in everyone.

The new leadership model now shifts to actions and behaviors that inspire, energize, facilitate and develop both organization and people performance.   This leader shift encourages leaders to inspire people with vision and purpose.  Create energy with involvement and acknowledgement. Cultivate a culture of personal and team leadership, accountability and an environment where change can thrive.

People leaders should develop an environment where performance is accelerated through regular performance connections and not managed and reviewed only at the mid and end of the year.  With these performance connections, leaders can develop the leader in everyone and ensure organizational and role clarity and alignment at every level.

Leader Support, Where to Start –

·       Evolve your personal leadership style, don’t get stuck managing in the past

·       Inspire with vision and ensure clarity and alignment

·       Share and develop accountability, bridge the natural gap of accountability

·       Develop the leader in everyone

·       Facilitate employee-led, not leader managed performance

Inspire people by giving them a reason to believe. Create energy by saying ‘Thank you’ and ‘I appreciate you’.  Facilitate growth by asking, not telling, and develop top tier performers and performance by cultivating leaders, not managing people and activities.  It is leadership reimagined!

Next week – Organization Enabled – Create a culture by design not default. The stakes are too high not to.