The Do Right Leadership Rule #WisdomWednesday #Leadership #MML

As we continue to preview the upcoming MMLI program, the fourth Monday introduces us to the “Do Right Rule”.  Do what is right even when no one is watching.

Of course doing the right thing isn’t always easy, in fact at times it is very difficult.  Your shadow as a leader casts far and wide, farther and wider than you will ever know.  In fact, you can never not lead!

When my son Ryan was 7 or 8 years old and in Little League baseball, his team had just finished playing and all the boys were in the dugout doing what 7-8 year old boys do…messing around!  I was putting away equipment and packing up to head out when I noticed the boys were all glued to the chain link fence of the dugout staring out at two of our team fathers face to face at the pitcher's mound about to get into a fight.

I immediately left the dugout to break up the action (the boys were sorely disappointed).  Both father’s happen to be high level executives in their respective organizations.  I asked them, if they were to act this way in their workplaces, what would happen.  Both said major discipline actions or even fired.

I then pointed over to the dugout where all the boys were still plastered again the fence, still holding out hope for some action.  I said we have been teaching our sons the fundamentals of baseball all season long and now the only thing they will remember after the season was over is the scene playing out at the pitcher’s mound and two fathers' childish actions.

Ok point made!  Do you guard your leadership legacy and integrity even in the most difficult situations? Always remembering to do the right thing?