Escape From Management Land #WisdomWednesday #Leadership #MML

In the third Monday session of Monday Morning Leadership Interactive, Tony Pearce (your virtual executive mentor), talks about escaping from what he calls “Management Land,” where simple things often become complex and people easily lose perspective.

It is easy to fall into a daily routine of dealing with the urgent and never getting around to the important.  Your people and their development is important, but for much of the time when we are in management land, we don’t have time to invest in growing our people.  And since we have such limited ‘people’ time, where we invest that very valuable time is even more important.  

To ensure you are investing in the right areas, look at your team objectively and identify who are your rising stars, your middle stars and those on your team that might be falling stars.  Then pull past performance reviews for each individual and review the comments.  Also think about your daily interactions and where and how you spend your time developing each person.  Do the reviews look very similar for each person? And are you spending an inordinate amount of time with your falling stars rather than with your rising stars?

If you are treating your rising stars just like your falling stars, and your actions don’t reflect how important it is to coach your middle stars, then you might be stuck in “Management Land”.  This week start investing your time and attention in your rising and middle stars. This will be an investment that will pay huge dividends now and into the future.

Don’t treat everyone the same because they don’t deserve the same. Certainly treat everyone fairly, but if you treat everyone the same you will pull the top performers down, the middle just exist, and you accept less than acceptable performance or behaviors from the bottom and all you create is a chasm of mediocrity!

Escape Management Land today by investing in, leading and developing you and your organizations future - the rising stars of today!