A Main Thing Focus #WisdomWednesday #MainThing #Leadership

Do you know what the “main thing” is?  Equally important, do your people know what your main thing is?  Crystal clear clarity is important to ensure alignment and focus on the main thing.  This focus in turn allows your people to know what is important, not just what is urgent.

For example, ask any FedEx employee what their main thing is and this is what they will say, “People-Service-Profit, all we do aligns to and enhances those three things."

At Harley Davidson, every employee goes into work with a goal to “fulfill dreams of personal freedom”.  So what they do has a greater sense of purpose to make that happen.

Those working at Facebook are focused on giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.  Doesn’t matter the department, that is what they do. 

Successful organizations have a keen awareness of their competitive advantages and ensure a nearly myopic focus on clarifying and connecting the main thing to everyone no matter where they reside in the organization.

So this week find out the following:

  • What is your organization’s main thing and how clear is it?
  • Ask your team at your next team meeting, “What is the main thing”?  List their answers and discuss with the group what can we do to better clarify and align to our main thing?
  • What is your managers main thing?

The key to this exercise is to fully understand if and where any disconnects might exist.  Is there clarity and alignment in the message and do our goals, actions, and behaviors support the main thing.  If not, you know what next week’s priority is…..identify and keep “the main thing the main thing”!