Management vs. Leadership - Which is more important? #WisdomWednesday

This has been the subject of more discussion and debate then just about any business topic.  You can do an internet search and come up with 7,600,000 hits on the topic!  So everyone, and I mean everyone, has an opinion or position.

All I do know for certain is, people don’t want to be managed!  Don’t believe me? Ask any group, in any organization (which I have done for over 15 years, so thousands of references points) this question, “How many of you want to be managed?” and not one person will say they want that.

What they do want is to be led with clarity, support, coaching, recognition and a meaningful purpose to their work.  You do that and they will thrive.

However, projects, timelines, priorities, and goals need to be managed to ensure a level of sustained organizational success.

Bottom line, both sets of activities and behaviors are important and need to be developed and refined….never stop learning.  But what is even more important and please don’t forget this;  Don’t mistake your people for projects or timelines, they don’t want to be managed!