Defined by Actions, Judged by Reactions #wisdomwednesday #leadership

Everyday, each one of us adds to our personal legacy by how we go about our interactions with people.  On some days, that legacy is impacted positively, and unfortunately, on other days we detract and negatively impact our legacy.

As we go through each day, right or wrong, we are defined and judged by others.  Often how we handle daily situations defines us and hopefully those descriptors might include things like helpful, innovative, and professional, a true team player.  If we consistently display these behaviors they begin to define us an individual.  

Until that one day, that one situation, when we have had enough or other pressures get to us and we react!  We react in a way that is a far departure from how people define us.  In that moment we might become defensive, dogmatic, and blunt, or react in a harsh manner.  When we react in this way we are now going to be judged by others.  Is that fair? Probably not. But that is human nature and that reaction will have much more of an impact than you can imagine or see.  So while it is natural to react to situations, how we react in that moment can and will further define us.

The challenge this week.  Take note of how people might define and judge you by your actions and reactions.  The good news about a legacy…it can be changed and cultivated to what you desire with time.  You can begin today defining your legacy by, in some cases, just reacting differently.