Stop Managing! #Leadership #Management #Howwouldyoulikeit

Stop Managing!

Think about it, do you want to be managed?  What if in your next team or staff meeting you asked your people, “How many of you want to be managed?”?  How many do you think will raise their hands?  I can already tell you not one of them will.

No one wants to be managed, including you.  But our title is manager!  Processes, projects, time lines etc. need to be managed.  When we start managing our people, we build a culture and environment of compliance and complacency.  They wait for you as their manager to tell them what to do and then the next thing you want them to do and so on...the cycle repeats.  And if something doesn’t go well the response is often, “Well that is what I was told to do”.

The next few blogs will highlight opportunities to stop managing your people, but for now I want you to think about this: If I reported to me, would I say to others “I am being managed by my boss.”?  Remember, no one wants to be managed, including you!