Are You Disruptive? #WisdomWednesday #Leadership #Leaders

Organizations today need more disruptive leaders. Not leaders that create more drama or upheaval but leaders that are willing to be disruptive, challenge the norm and that never settle for the status quo.  Comfort and compliancy are the enemies to innovation and agility.

Both organizations and people can easily become stagnant and comfortable while the world around you accelerates and passes you by, and most that get passed by will tell you they never saw it coming, at least not this quickly!  Just ask any traditional taxi cab company and their drivers or the former managers and employees of Blockbuster Video, they will tell you their worlds have been rocked by the disruptive leaders out there that think beyond “what we have today is working well” and “that is the way it has always been done in our industry!”

Start today to be more disruptive in your thinking and develop a healthy disdain for the status quo!  Ask the questions that very few leaders dare to ask; “Why do we do it that way?”,  “What else is possible?”,  “What are we missing and what we should we be thinking about that we are not?”,  “How do we move from continuous improvement to continuous innovation?”

Become a role model for productive, disruptive leadership and who knows, you might just change an industry!