Are You Living in Groundhog Day? #WisdomWednesday #MML #Leadership

Like in the Bill Murray movie, do you get up each day, fall into the same routine day in and day out with little to no change?  So many leaders live in Groundhog Day, forcing their people to do the same.

What was the last book or learning experience you invested your time and resources with to become a better leader…truly investing in you?   If you have invested in you and your team’s learning in the last month, congratulations you are in elite company.  Only 1% of people read or invest in their professional learning on a monthly basis. Sad but true fact!

In Monday Morning Leadership Interactive, the final session focuses on the need to consistently enter into the “Learning Zone”.  This month please invest time and efforts into enhancing these three key leadership skill sets:

  • Listening – Start today to listen for intent. Begin by limiting distractions and truly listen to your people. 
  • Reading/Experiencing – Invest in new thinking, new experiences and gain new perspectives. Read and learn at least 15 minutes each day.
  • Giving – Giving back to others, your time, your knowledge, and your resources.  There is a reason why hearse’s don’t come with luggage racks.  Your legacy is what you teach and give back today!

This week enter into and never leave the “Learning Zone”!