It’s time to stop managing.


Elevate engagement by supporting your employees.


There is a shift required in leadership.

An evolution in management is occurring from the old school command and control and the 70-90’s era of management by process and numbers to the next generation of leader support and guidance. Next generation performance requires next generation leadership. The old management model and its associated focus and behaviors are now becoming barriers to leading top tier performance.

It is imperative to now lead and develop the leader in everyone and stop managing. Managers must evolve from developing extensive and time consuming 3-5 year plans which become outdated in 3-5 days to inspiring and enabling with purpose and engagement. Stop telling and start asking, you will be surprised what success sounds and looks like.

To support the leader in everyone, each formal manager/leader should shift their actions and behaviors to create a culture that:


Reimagine your leadership. Start to inspire by providing a reason to believe, not a three year plan. Enable by eliminating barriers to success and engaging your people, allowing everyone to thrive. Facilitate results and success through others, don’t direct or demand it. And finally stop managing people and outcomes. Start developing people and success.


"Expect everyone to lead, give them the tools and training to lead, support them like leaders, and they will lead."