Engagement Communication


If you want better employee engagement, you better engage your employees. And engage them in the right way and on a more regular basis.

In today’s fast-paced environment communication on an ongoing basis is key. Even organizations who rate high in employee engagement can still struggle to sustain that engaged workforce. They think they are communicating and keeping their employees up-to-date through quarterly town halls and monthly email newsletters, which are still great ways to communicate, but more is needed to truly keep them engaged, inspired and up-to-date with the latest performance and engagement efforts. Podcasts, short videos and weekly email reminders are an easy and effective way to do this. And this is where we can help.

We work with clients to create monthly scheduled engagement communications and provide the technology and logistics to make it happen.


Engagement Video Updates

Just think of how so much of our media and knowledge is consumed these days? Video right? So why would employees want to consume it differently at work? Video-based company updates are an excellent way to reach your employee population with updates and upcoming engagement activities. Engagement update videos have proven to increase employee communication satisfaction and engagement itself.

Engagement Podcast Updates

An easy way for ongoing communication updates are periodic is to create a company engagement podcast that employees can listen to and get caught up with current and future engagement activities within the organization. The more engagement activity employees are involved in or at least are kept abreast of the more employees want to get involved.

Weekly Engagement Email Updates

Weekly email engagement updates are a great way to keep all employees up to date and are easy to put together, but in our experience engagement updates should not rely on email updates alone. These are best used in-between the other forms of updates and only create mild engagement since email inboxes tend to get overloaded these days and emails can easily be scanned over.