Elevating Employee-Engaged Performance requires:

Cultivation and Engagement

Engage the Leader in You


To effectively navigate today’s complex issues and opportunities requires proactive employee engagement, not just passive task assignment and completion. The future performance model is enabled by creating a network of high performance, employee engagement teams that connect to produce results. It is the power of a team that drives both success and sustained results.

Proactively develop and engage cross-functional or organizational teams to cultivate ideas, solve issues, and break down barriers to advance success. Active engagement by everyone continually stepping up and leading where they are and contributing to an employee-led team is the model for future success.


Cultivate the Leader in You

The world is more complex, the opportunities more dynamic, and performance leadership is shifting from top down to enterprise wide. To compete and thrive, each of us must lead where we are, no matter where we are

We must focus on developing skill sets, actions, and behaviors that:


Cultivating the leader in you requires continual learning, active development, and ongoing reinforcement.  Invest time each week in developing these as core competencies.


It’s your career, your performance, your legacy, in your control!