Our Clients


Ken and the team at Cornerstone Learning bring a broad assortment of talent development tools and resources to our company. Importantly, Ken has developed authentic, trusted and personal relationships with our staff which enhances outcomes. Talent development is a critical component to our company’s success. Cornerstone Learning is an important partner in developing and deploying related strategies.
— Chris DeWolf, CEO, Lil' Drug Store Products
Ken and Cornerstone Learning are passionate about partnering with senior leaders to build great companies. They fosters a powerful link between effective leadership and company performance. They help leaders understand the value of clarity, alignment, and accountability, creating a high performing, results driven organization.
— Angela Galyean, Intelsat
Ken has the unique ability to connect with his audiences, not just speak to them. He challenges you to think differently, sometimes even stretching your comfort zone. He does a great job using relevant real-life examples to reinforce his points. Our team members always leave with both an engaging experience and being more informed.
— Bridget Atkinson, VP Human Resources, Prison Fellowship Ministries
We have partnered with Ken and his team for over 12 years on speaking and consulting engagements. During that period our sales have grown more than 300%. He takes the time to understand what success looks like to you, and always delivers the right message in the right way. People come away inspired, energized, and always with a plan to do something different than when they walked in.
— Paul Rossberger, VP of Sales, Lil' Drug Store Products