360 PeerView Assessment

360 PeerView Assessment

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The PeerView Profile report will:

  • Identify areas of strength

  • Recognize areas of opportunity to develop

  • Increase teaming opportunities

  • Initiate plan for improvement

Designed for Individual Contributors and defined work groups, the PeerView Profile provides a quick and insightful feedback tool that matches employees' own and their peers' perceptions against those attributes and competencies required to successfully perform as an effective team contributor. Individuals are profiled in the following categories: Coaching, protecting, providing information and feedback, performance standards, credibility and trust, interpersonal effectiveness, listening and keeping focus, technical competence, broadening interests, networking, influence, and representing the work group.

We have bulk pricing for our LeadView Profiles.  Please contact us if you have a bulk order.

  • 1-5 Profiles Ordered = $115/Profile

  • 6-10 Profiles Ordered = $105/Profile

  • 11+ Profiles Ordered = $95/Profile

*Debriefs not included in above pricing

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